Precision Combustion, Inc.’s (PCI) lightweight, logistics fueled generators expand power range and demonstrate durability milestone

North Haven, CT – October 19th, 2017 - PCI announced today that it has expanded its family of diesel and military logistics fueled lightweight tactical generators to include 300 W and 450 W as well as the existing 1, 2 and 3 kW variants.  These generators have electric start and battery-hybridized versions with direct battery-charging capability.  The 450W version meets or beats the latest requirements for the Army’s Platoon Power Generator (PPG) program that enables use of NETT Warrior radios and systems with tactical power generation for battery charging.

PCI’s 1 kW heavy fuel generator has demonstrated more than 1,000 hours of operation with thousands of hours accumulated across the platform.  The systems meet MIL-STD requirements for environmental performance and power quality, including high power DC and AC outputs.

Diesel and other distillate heavy fuels such as JP-8 have insufficient octane to safely operate spark-ignited gasoline engines without knocking. PCI’s patented octane-matching technology allows lightweight, inexpensive gasoline generators to also use diesel and military jet fuels for defense applications, disaster relief, and operation in remote locations where these fuels are preferred for safety or logistics reasons.  PCI’s approach does not require any additives, starting agents or complex operating methods.

The ability for a single person to carry the generators substantially expands mission capability beyond the existing Tactical Quit Generator and AMMPS generator platforms.  These small generators were developed with DoD funding from the CERDEC SBIR program and from the Army’s Rapid Innovation Fund to transition innovative technologies to the warfighter, meeting meet the needs for battery charging and use in the field. 

Subir Roychoudhury, D.E., Vice-President of PCI’s Research & Engineering, stated, “These robust generators use state-of-the-art microelectronics and hybridization, paired with advances in mechanical and chemical technology for serving warfighter requirements, improving platoon and forward operating capabilities and filling a commercial need by virtue of its multi-fuel compatibility. This milestone is a stepping stone towards reliable, lightweight power solutions for our soldiers and first responders.”

Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) is a clean energy technology company specializing in new devices and systems for the defense and energy sectors.

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