About Us

Precision Combustion, Inc. is a privately-held clean energy technology company developing and manufacturing advanced reactors and systems. We have developed and patented several technologies that we use for multiple applications which offer breakthrough performance and advantages for targeted applications.

 In addition, PCI has had successes resulting in:

  • Three National Tibbetts SBIR awards for excellence (the latest in 2015)
  • Nine times selection as an SBIR success story by DoD, DOE, NASA and the EPA
  • Selection for a DOE Outstanding Commercial Achievement Award in 2006

Our Technology

Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) is an energy innovator developing and manufacturing components and systems for clean and efficient power generation, combustion, emissions control and chemical manufacturing applications. The company is developing ultra-compact, high efficiency Microlith® catalytic reactors for a range of applications, including fuel reforming, fuel processing, burners, engine exhaust cleanup, and specialty requirements and we have world-leading technology for ultra-low NOx catalytic combustors for gas turbine engines and steam generation applications.

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Our Markets

We support the catalytic reactor needs of manufacturers of gas turbines, aerospace and defense systems, Stirling and IC engines, fuel cell systems, thermoelectric systems and chemicals. Building on technology developed internally and with the support of multiple U.S. government R&D contracts, including from DoD, DOE, EPA, NASA, NSF and USDA, PCI is forming strategic alliances with major engine, system and component manufacturers as well as with end-users of products containing our technology for industries such as oil and gas production, soil disinfestation and soil remediation.

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Our Staff

To carry out its broadening industry involvement, PCI has a current staff of approximately 39. Ten have PhD's in the fields of chemical and chemical reactor engineering, mechanical engineering, computational fluid dynamics, chemistry, physics and materials science. We have distinctive skills in advanced catalytic reactor and system design, catalyst formulation, coating processes, reactor assembly and performance testing. Supporting our technical team is an experienced business team to support contract execution and promote the transition of our developing technologies toward commercialization.

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Our Facility

PCI operates in a modern 38,000 square foot facility in North Haven, Connecticut, USA. The site contains catalyst formulation and catalyst coating, machining and reactor assembly areas as well as multiple test rigs supported by an experienced team of technicians. PCI uses its own broad range of proprietary catalyst formulations and coating technologies with appropriate catalyst supports, supported by a wide range of advanced catalyst analytic equipment and techniques. Advanced computing support is provided with the use of a variety of supported and proprietary design and analysis software.

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