Our People

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I came to PCI directly after completing my Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering. I found PCI is a great place to start my career, because at PCI I have the opportunity to get involved in various R&D projects in a mall-sized team. In these projects, I have been assigned different roles and responsibilities (e.g., as a lead engineer, as a project manager, or as a test engineer), where I learn how to continue developing my hands-on R&D skills, learn how to interact with customers, and develop my communication skills. PCI has a great expectation from each of its staff so that I always need to provide high performance on individual and team levels.

I have enjoyed being able to learn a lot more about fuel reforming/fuel cell systems and energy efficient technology and being able to apply the knowledge directly to my projects and assignments. I've worked on Microlith® based adsorption technology for: (i) air cleaner in space station and spacecraft applications; (ii) filtration against chemical warfare agents; and (iii) efficient sulfur removal in fuel reforming system. I also have worked on the development of the ATR and steam reforming reactors using our Microlith® technology and on the fuel processor-fuel cell system integration.

PCI challenges me to contribute to various projects on a daily basis, to develop my teamwork and interpersonal skills, and to be committed to give the best performance on individual and team levels. As a Research Engineer, PCI gives me the opportunity to take the lead in various technology R&D projects, implement my knowledge and technical skills, and contribute daily to the projects at a number of different levels, including interaction with customers, project management, report writing, setting up design of experiment, executing test plans, taking experimental data, and data analysis.

In addition to the interesting and challenging work environment, PCI encourages employee interaction. I especially enjoy ping pong and badminton games and other events we gather together to celebrate on a regular basis birthdays, babies, and barbecues are big around here!


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PCI challenges me to think, learn and grow in many ways that benefit a well rounded engineering career. I enjoy being able to work on a project from its inception through completion. While working on the project, I have the opportunity to be exposed to all aspects of the product and every step in the process. From design to manufacture to test, PCI allows me to see my ideas and my design improvements come to fruition, and it allows me to work directly with the hardware we produce in order to get the results we are striving for.

When I joined, the challenge I faced was to specify, design, manufacture and test a compact 200 kWth liquid fuel reforming rig to fuel a fuel cell producing at least 50 kW of electric power. This has never been done before, and was quite exciting. The system consists of an injector, auto thermal reformer, desulfurization module, water gas shift reactor, hydrogen separation membrane and PEM fuel cell. Working with other subcontracting companies, PCI designed, built and tested the ATR and WGSR here at our North Haven location. All of the necessary BOP components such as boiler, superheaters, air heaters, pumps etc. were procured and assembled into a fully working system that was delivered to NAVSEA in Philadelphia, PA.

I came to PCI from a small R & D engineer firm and found this company to be an efficiently run success-oriented business that focuses on exceeding the goals of the customer! As a mechanical design engineer, I am able to enhance my analytical and design skills through innovative and cutting edge technologies and work directly with the customers in order to satisfy their program needs and manufacture a versatile product with multiple useful and environmentally friendly applications.


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I came to PCI from a small R & D engineering firm and found a very innovative and promising company with great people and excellent technology. PCI challenges me to improve my business and interpersonal skills as well expand my scope of vision to include the financial aspects and "big picture" for a project.

Projects I've worked on include automotive reformers, 1200 hp cleanup burners, and micro burners half the size of a cigar. My most challenging assignment was building a 1000°C, low back pressure 25kW catalytic burner.

As a mechanical engineer, PCI gives me the opportunity to grow into areas that I’d like to explore and learn more about like project management and chemical engineering. I enjoy being an integral part of design and manufacture of burners and learning every aspect about the product.

I've had the chance to take my prototypes into off-site trials, and to work substantially with our customers' engineers. I've had some very late nights and times we've had to work very hard, but it's been working on real designs intended for real applications. I look forward to seeing my products move from concept all the way into commercial use.

After work, I enjoy mountain biking, road biking, auto mechanics, 4 wheeling and developing my karate skills!