Chemical Engineer (Entry Level)

Precision Combustion, Inc. is a small technology company developing a range of new and innovative hardware and system solutions for clean energy and aerospace applications.

We offer the opportunity to become an innovator, creating solutions on multiple opportunities across various industries (defense, energy, aerospace, clean air). This is a career opportunity for an Entry Level Chemical Engineer to join our Microlith® Products and Development group.

You would join a multi-disciplinary high performance team of engineers and scientists, and be engaged in all aspects of technology development from idea generation to prototype development, test and market entry. This is an excellent opportunity with great benefits in addition to applying your skills in a technology company positioned at the forefront of the clean energy industry.

The work is energizing and challenging. It will at times be difficult, absorbing, playful, and full of the deep satisfaction of succeeding with new technologies. You should be the kind of person who loves this. We want a well-qualified, detail-oriented, hard-working individual with strong chemical engineering fundamentals and team skill. Rigor, intelligence and achievement, as well as the ability to race, are also necessary traits. This is meaningful work tackling important challenges that will give you a chance to make a difference.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Responsibilities

The position will challenge and develop you as you work in a range of areas including space, terrestrial, and advanced power and clean energy applications.

  • You will be an important member of multiple project teams, each developing a new innovation advancing from concept stage into laboratory tests, field trial, and market entry. You will progress to increasing responsibility.
  • You will find lots of support, but ultimately this is the opportunity to contribute as an individual and with a team to develop new technology solutions.
  • Not everything will succeed – this is R&D. We share the intellectual honesty to recognize reality, and the creativity and grit to create new solutions.
  • As you are ready, you will design new hardware and processes. You will perform laboratory testing of chemical, combustion and gas adsorption reactors, designing experiments and test plans, setting up test rigs, reviewing safety protocols, and troubleshooting issues. We expect organization, good laboratory skill, discipline in test procedures, and data-driven problem solving. Your developing depth of skill, insight and systems-level understanding will become lifelong personal strengths.

Preferred Background/Experience

  • Bachelors/Masters in Chemical Engineering GPA of 3.5 or higher required
  • Hands on experience in lab and testing of chemical unit operations
  • Strong fundamental understanding of chemical reactor design, chemical process, heat & mass transfer, thermodynamics, unit operations, and design of experiments
  • Good technical writing and laboratory reporting skills
  • Pluses would be knowledge of catalytic reactors, surface chemistry, and high temperature catalyst operation, and/or with fuel reforming/ processing.
  • Experience with macro writing, chemical process simulators (e.g. ASPEN, CHEMCAD) and Labview are a plus.
  • US citizen or US Permanent Residency required


  • High performer, intelligent, insightful, innovative, quick learner, determined.
  • Motivation and high satisfaction from personal and team technical success
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills, rigor, able to work independently and in multiple teams to accomplish project goals meeting deadlines and budget.
  • Able to understand complexity at the system level. Good judgment.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills, verbal and written.

If this sounds like a possible ideal job for you, please tell us about yourself and submit your resume and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.