PCI Awarded CERDEC Phase I SBIR Contract to Develop JP-8 Burner for Generating Electrical Power From a Stirling System

NORTH HAVEN, CT (January 3, 2007) -- Precision Combustion, Inc.(PCI) announced today that it has received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I contract from CERDEC to develop a scalable, lightweight and efficient JP-8 burner for generating electrical power from a Stirling system. CERDEC (the Army's information technologies and integrated systems center) required a silent, dependable and "soldier portable" means of generating electrical power directly from battlefield fuels. The burner will utilize PCI's patented and trademarked Microlithtechnology, and data generated through testing will be used in subsequent phases to develop a system design. Microlith® technology has already been successfully integrated into catalytic partial oxidation (CPOX) and autothermal reforming (ATR) reactors and is being explored for diesel fuel reforming in other DOD and NSF funded SBIR programs. Technical challenges relating to reliable JP-8 injection and efficient combustion, as well as maximizing heat transfer to the Stirling engine for high overall JP-8 to electric energy conversion efficiencies via a compact lightweight burner, will be the focus of this program.

According to PCI's Director of Microlith® Products, Subir Roychoudhury, "A compact, efficient Stirling system operating on logistical fuels offers a very attractive power source for a wide variety of portable and mobile source applications. The higher efficiency enabled by our patented burner improves overall Stirling cost-effectiveness and breadth of application for both military and commercial use. Fewer moving parts equate to less maintenance. There is also the advantage of improved modularity and the near elimination of NOx,CO and unburned hydrocarbon exhaust emissions." Added PCI President Kevin Burns," We're pleased that CERDEC is supporting the development of this important technology."

Precision Combustion, Inc. (www.precision-combustion.com) is a clean energy technology company developing and manufacturing a range of catalytic devices and systems for energy sector applications. PCI products include RCL® ultra-low NOx catalytic combustors for gas turbines, high heat rate downhole steam generators for heavy oil production, and Microlithcompact, high efficiency catalytic reactors and systems for fuel processors, fuel cell systems, compact burners, IC engine emissions aftertreatment, chemical reactors, adsorption-based air cleaning and other applications. Customers of PCI include gas turbine, aerospace system, engine and fuel cell system manufacturers as well as the U.S. government.

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