Internal Combustion Engine Systems

PCI is developing a family of soldier power gensets targeted to fill the capability gap below 2 kW. These generators are based upon COTS gasoline generators that are modified to use JP-8 fuel using PCI fuel conditioning technology with power electronics installed to output military standard power. These units are easier to use than other offerings in their size range.

More broadly, PCI is developing an ultra-compact conversion kit that enables inexpensive lightweight commercial spark-ignited engines to run on multiple fuels (including diesel, biofuels and JP-8) for a wide variety of applications including a single person portable generator for remote power, backup telecommunications, first responders, homeland security and marine power.


Man Portable Genset

PCI’s systems have the advantage of being much lighter in weight and less expensive than diesel generators of comparable output. They can reduce the need to carry two fuels for recreational vehicle and commercial truck auxiliary power / anti-idle units. This also increases safety by eliminating gasoline and propane from marine power generation applications and replacing it with diesel, a safer, more suitable fuel.

PCI’s system is composed of:

  • reliable commercial genset
  • state of the art power electronics
  • fuel conditioning unit

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