Precision Combustion is developing a variety of technologies for aerospace applications. These technologies, funded by NASA, U.S. Air Force and others, provide high value in a compact and lightweight package.

For aerospace fuel cell systems, PCI is developing ultra-lightweight fuel reformers and fuel processors for solid oxide and high temperature PEM fuel cell stacks. These ultra-compact fuel reformers and fuel processors allow fuel cells to operate on available fuels such as Jet-A, JP-5 and JP-8. PCI is also developing ultra-compact and lightweight anode gas oxidizers for fuel cell systems.

For aerospace cabin environmental systems, PCI's oxidation, adsorption and chemical reaction technologies are being developed into products for a variety of applications. PCI's ultra-lightweight Trace Contaminant Control catalytic oxidizer for VOCs was developed for the International Space Station and has been operated for over 16,000 hours at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. PCI is also developing compact regenerable adsorption technologies to adsorb CO2, water vapor and other compounds in closed air environments for the ISS and future moon and Mars missions.

For IC engine applications, PCI is developing catalytic glow plugs under an Air Force SBIR PH II contract targeted for UAV and other engines for ignition assistance and improved operating stability using low cetane fuels.

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