Microlith® Air Cleaners

Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) is developing air cleaning applications focused on control of Volatile Organic compounds (VOC's), Sulfur and other air pollutants. Applications include air treatment systems for spacecraft, submarines and collective protection shelters. These reactors include temperature and pressure swing adsorption/desorption approaches. They consist of resistively heated substrates coated with sorbents. Standard sorbents (e.g. zeolites) are coated on the substrates and are regenerated by various combinations of heating and pressure swing.



Microlith® Air Cleaner Microlith® Adsorber

Air cleaner performance benefits

Microlith® catalytic air cleaners offer several performance benefits over alternative technologies.

  • Ultra-compact size and low weight
  • Direct electrical heating of the conductive substrate utilizing low power
  • High energy and conversion efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance and power requirements
  • Improved durability for long term reliable operation

The technology has been developed in two embodiments, a Trace Contaminant Oxidizer for VOC's and CO and a Trace Contaminant Adsorber for CO2 and other Spacecraft Maximum Allowable Concentration (SMAC) compounds.

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Additional papers on PCI's air cleaner technology

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