Richard Blumenthal Visits PCI to Discuss Small Business Initiatives

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Senate candidate Blumenthal (left) met with PCI’s President Kevin Burns (back middle), Ray Zatorski of Zatorski Coatings (right), Deb Moss of Avalence, Mike Serio of Advanced Fuels Research, and Len Discenza of Design by Analysis


PCI welcomed Connecticut Attorney General and U.S. Senate candidate, Richard Blumenthal, who toured the plant and also discussed his small business jobs initiatives with a small group of technology small business leaders.  The discussion included leveling the playing field, the need for policy stability, the Small Business Innovation Research program, investments in clean energy, credit availability, credit card reform and tax policy.

"Washington must make helping small businesses a priority with tax incentives and other policies to provide financing, encourage innovation, and expand export markets," Mr. Blumenthal said.

Following an hour meeting, Blumenthal and others toured PCI's 38,000 square foot facility.  While touring, Blumenthal explained, "I’m going around the state, asking about what should be done to rebuild and invigorate the economy, specifically to create more jobs."

"Small businesses are the engine of economic growth and job creation," Blumenthal said.  "Existing businesses need help increasing exports, expanding research and development, so they can innovate and grow. Common sense solutions can empower small business to rebuild and reinvigorate our economy."

Kevin Burns, President of PCI, commented, "High tech small businesses are working hard to create the high quality sustainable jobs that this country needs, and the government is a critical partner in supporting this innovation and jobs creation." 

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