PCI Earns Award for Most New Patents among CT Small Businesses

NORTH HAVEN, CT (September 18, 2009) Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) announced today that the Connecticut Technology Council selected PCI for its Innovation Pipeline Most New Patents award for 2009, announced during CTC’s annual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit.. The award is for the most new patents issued to a small technology company in Connecticut in the twelve month period to September 1, 2009. Held on September 17, 2009 at The Omni Hotel in New Haven, the awards ceremony was part of a 450 attendee meeting that combined the Innovation Pipeline’s annual meeting of promising early stage technology companies in Connecticut with the Northeast Angel Capital Association (ACA) Angel Summit, a meeting of angel investors from the region.

The U.S. Patent Office awards patents to applicants for claims on inventions that are "novel, non-obvious and have utility." Upon issuance of the patent, as incentive for the inventor to disclose his or her invention to the world, the holder is granted the exclusive right to use the allowed claims for a twenty year period from the time the patent application is made. This means others cannot lawfully sell or use the claimed method or device in the United States.

PCI has to date in 2009 been awarded seven unique patents:

  • 7,504,047, for catalytic partial oxidation method for reforming hydrocarbons to hydrogen-rich syngas
  • 7,476,367, for a stacked plate reactor design for multiple applications
  • 7,521,028, for a catalytic combustor for burning low BTU fuels
  • 7,550,643 and 7,550,644, for two methods for isobutane alkylation
  • 7,581,587, for a method for in-situ combustion for heavy oil production
  • 7,513,306, for a method for methane hydrate production

Kevin Burns, PCI's President, explains,

"The breadth of these patents indicates a little of the range of innovation ongoing at PCI. We have a talented team that is creating new approaches for some major technology opportunities. Issued patents are a critical part of growing PCI's competitive advantage. They are one key to our strength and to our future employment growth. We’re proud of our inventors, and we’re proud to have been recognized for our efforts to build an innovative, Connecticut-based company."

Precision Combustion, Inc. (www.precision-combustion.com) is a clean energy technology company developing and manufacturing catalytic devices and systems for energy sector applications. Products include Microlithcompact, high efficiency catalytic reactors and systems for fuel processors, fuel cell systems, compact burners, IC engine emissions aftertreatment, chemical reactors, adsorption-based air cleaning and other applications, as well as RCL® ultra-low NOx catalytic combustors for gas turbines and high heat rate downhole steam generators for oil and gas production. Primary customers include manufacturers of aerospace and defense systems, fuel cell systems, engines, gas turbines, and chemicals, as well as oil and gas producers and the US Government. To learn more, visit www.precision-combustion.com.

The Connecticut Technology Council (www.ctc.org) is a business association that speaks for 2,500 firms in the state ranging from large multi-nationals to hundreds of early stage start-ups. The Council presents over 40 events a year for thousands of attendees, featuring and recognizing firms for business growth, innovation potential and women in technology leadership. CTC is an advocate for the role of innovation, tech transfer and early stage capital in Connecticut.

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