PCI Awarded Air Force Phase I SBIR Contract for Compact Stable Low Residence Time Inter-Turbine Combustor

NORTH HAVEN, CT (May 12, 2009) -- Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) announced today that its novel liquid fuel injector system for aviation fuel combustion has been competitively selected for a Phase I SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) award by the Air Force. The Phase I project will explore the feasibility and performance of PCI's injection system for high pressure aerospace turbine combustor applications.
The PCI design offers to reduce combustor length, size, and weight while maintaining high efficiency and other performance features. Combustion would occur with a lower residence time enabling a more compact burner. This technology offers a simple, light-weight, compact, and cost-effective design for stable combustion with low pollutants for aircraft gas turbine engines. This compact size will also allow application of the PCI system to tight engine train space requirements (small aircraft, UAV, interturbine burner) with increased efficiency and reduced emissions.
This technology would have applications in military and commercial subsonic/supersonic engines by allowing reduction of combustor size and lowering gaseous emissions such as NOx, carbon monoxide, and unburned hydrocarbons both in the main combustor and in thrust augmentation systems. The technology will also be of benefit for achieving near constant temperature (NCT) cycles (such as use of inter-turbine or re-heat combustors) for system efficiency and specific power improvements, useful in microturbines used for distributed or remote generation. Other applications include improvements to liquids injection technology for a range of energy applications, including other engines and fuel cell systems.
Dr. Shahrokh Etemad, Project Principal Investigator commented,
"Overall, this project offers the potential for an enhanced-stability, more compact combustor technology that could operate at elevated combustor velocities and be adapted for a range of advanced subsonic and supersonic vehicles."

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