PCI Awarded Army Phase I SBIR Contract for Flameless Kitchen Burner

NORTH HAVEN, CT (April 28, 2009) -- Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) announced today that its flameless catalytic combustion cook-top system has been selected for a Phase I SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) award by the Army. This award will enable a potential breakthrough for the high efficiency heating of a surface using JP-8 fueled catalytic combustion. The focus on liquid fuel offers the potential for compact, lightweight heaters for mobile applications such as mobile burner units and other indoor and vehicular heating applications. Additionally, the enhanced heat transfer and complete combustion design has potential applications for more effective heating using gaseous fuels in residential and industrial settings.

Presently used military cook-top units use open flames and operate under low thermal efficiency. This not only increases fuel consumption, but also makes for uncomfortable working conditions in hot climates and poorly-ventilated spaces. Their open flames are a potential fire hazard, generate significant emissions and increase the thermal profile of the cooking area, making them more susceptible to detection in sensitive installations. They are can be noisy, typical of a high-intensity diffusion flame burner. The proposed burner will use a flameless catalytic combustion process within a fully-enclosed module to supply heat to a cooking appliance. The fully-enclosed burner will improve operational safety, be relatively quiet, keep fuel exhaust separate from the food, and will allow for ducting of exhaust outside of the cooking area. Benefits to the design include: high heating efficiency, reduced contaminant emissions with ducted venting, lower noise due to the flameless approach and closer match of combustion and griddle temperatures, and robustness with long maintenance intervals.

Rich Mastanduno, the Project's Principal Investigator, commented,

"Although this technology is initially targeted for Army kitchen appliances, other military branches may incorporate it for space heating, laundries and showers. There is also the potential for a commercial spin-out into commercial heating systems, where the ability to achieve ultra-low emission levels and high efficiency would be desirable"

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