PCI Microlith® Fuel Reformer Project Selected for 2008 Army SBIR Achievement Award

NORTH HAVEN, CT (December 18, 2008) -- Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) announced today that its Microlith® JP-8 Reformer SBIR Phase II project for the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) has been selected for a highly-competitive 2008 Army Small Business Innovation Research Achievement Award.

The PCI project was one of ten selected for award in 2008, out of 755 eligible Phase II projects. Award winners are selected based upon four criteria: originality and innovation of research, relevance of the research to the Army mission, immediate commercialization potential of the research, and overall quality performance of the project. The award will be presented on December 19th by the Honorable Dr. Thomas Killion, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research and Technology, at a ceremony hosted at the Pentagon.

Broad application of military fuel cells requires use of available logistics fuels such as JP-8. Based on a breakthrough design, the PCI project developed a compact liquid fuel reformer that converts logistics fuel such as low-sulfur (<400 ppm) JP-8 and diesel into a sulfur-free hydrogen-rich syngas for fuel cells. As part of the effort, and in conjunction with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL), the PCI system resolved key challenges facing a JP-8 reformer: it is compact, efficient, fast-starting, coking resistant, and sulfur-tolerant. A durability demonstration ran over 1,100 hours fueling a solid oxide fuel cell stack with low-sulfur JP-8 and diesel. The TARDEC project also provided a springboard to use in the Navy's shipboard fuel cell program.

The technology offers broad applicability across the Department of Defense, including for vehicle auxiliary power units (APUs), robotics, portable electronics, gensets, and shipboard fuel cell systems. Commercial applications include APUs for trucks, RVs and ships, as well as non-fuel cell applications where a compact syngas source is desired. PCI President

PCI President Kevin Burns commented,

"We are honored to receive this recognition. The award highlights the broad practicality of our reforming technology for mobile fuel cell-based power generation for military and commercial applications. The Army SBIR program gave us the opportunity to begin serious development, and the Army R&D personnel provided excellent interaction during the program. This has led to substantial follow-on interest and support by the Army, the Navy and now for broader commercial use. This has become a platform technology for developing fuel cell power solutions and is a good example of Army SBIR success and of inter-service cooperation for technology development within the military."

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