PCI Water-Neutral Compact Fuel Reformer Wins Department of Energy SBIR Phase II Award

NORTH HAVEN, CT (September 4, 2008) -- Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) announced today that its advanced water-neutral diesel fuel reformer and sulfur removal technology has been competitively selected for a Phase II SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grant. The compact, high efficiency design avoids any need for supplemental water, a major step forward in enabling fuel cells operation with ordinary distribution fuels such as diesel. It removes a primary barrier to commercially-viable use of fuel cells in mobile and remote applications, and further advances the overall commercial viability of clean and energy-efficient fuel cells.

In Phase I, a reformer which met or exceeded all performance targets was demonstrated using facility support equipment, including start-up without water and during operation minimized water requirement well below that generated by the system. A system which contains all the necessary components for a stand-alone operation was designed and tested. In Phase II, a stand-alone prototype reactor will be designed, fabricated and tested with a commercial fuel cell stack to confirm long-term durability. Integration requirements such as control and monitoring will be addressed, a complete integrated system will be tested and requirements needed to be commercially-viable will be identified and detailed.

Subir Roychoudhury, PCI's Director of Microlith® Product Development and Principal Investigator for the project commented, "This technology and program will allow us to reform diesel fuels without added water for mobile and remote applications such as APUs, and will support our overall fuel reformer program. Prototype fuel reformers from other logistics fuel reforming programs have been delivered to fuel cell system developers and have under gone successful testing for over 1,000 hours with solid oxide fuel cell stacks."

Kevin Burns, PCI's President added, "This grant will support PCI development of diesel fuel reforming technology in sizes of interest to our current fuel cell system integration customers, now with no need for supplemental water. This is a big advance for meeting our commercial opportunities. It will help across PCI's entire range of fuel reformers and our Compact Logistics Fuel Processor™ systems for PEM, SOFC and molten carbonate fuel cells with commercial and military fuel cell system manufacturers."

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