PCI Awarded U.S. Navy SBIR Phase II Contract for Logistics Fuel Steam Reforming

NORTH HAVEN, CT (February 21, 2008) -- Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) announced today that it has been selected for a Phase II SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) contract award through the Office of Naval Research for further development of its logistics fuel steam reformer. The project, titled "Energy Recovery For Efficient Use of Navy Fuels For Hydrogen Generation," will be focused on further development of the steam reformer developed during the Phase I contract for application at the kW scale for naval fuel cell power.

Fuel cells operating on naval logistics fuel are attractive for shipboard power applications. Fuel cells are more efficient than gas turbines for shipboard power applications and steam reforming offers high fuel reforming efficiency. However, present fuel processors are too complex and large to provide the compact and lightweight systems needed in military applications. PCI's Phase I concept targeted a hydrogen generation system for PEM fuel cells using a catalytic steam reforming process capable of utilizing Navy logistic fuels and improving overall system efficiency. The steam reformer portion of the system was based upon PCI's patented and trademarked Microlith™ substrate technology. Phase II will center on generating a reactor design for system integration and fabricating a steam reformer for a 50 kW fuel cell system.

Kevin Burns, PCI's President commented,

"This technology could have application in future Navy ships, utilizing the hydrogen generator with fuel cell systems in auxiliary power unit (APU) applications. This SBIR will provide a potentially improved reformer technology, synergistic with our planned Navy work developing a shipboard fuel processor. There is also the potential for a commercial spin-out into the much larger market of commercial ship APUs and stationary steam reformer-fed fuel cells, as well as into the large market for stationary hydrogen generation."

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