PCI Awarded Phase II Contract for Compact, Efficient JP-8 Burner for Free Piston Stirling Engine

NORTH HAVEN, CT (January 30, 2008) -- Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) announced today that it has received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract from US Army CECOM to further refine a scalable, lightweight and efficient JP-8 burner for generating electrical power from a Stirling system. The Army is developing silent and soldier-portable means of generating electrical power directly from battlefield fuels while offering high fuel-to-power conversion efficiencies. PCI's Phase I work consisted of designing the burner based on its proprietary ultra-compact burner technology and harnessing a control strategy. During Phase II, the PCI burner will be further developed, fabricated and tested for a 160 Watt

Free Piston Stirling Engine (FPSE)-based power system. Free piston Stirling engines are external combustion engines whose operation does not depend on the type of fuel used to provide heat. As such, they can be configured to accept heat from a variety of sources. JP-8 burners combined with Stirling engines can provide a low-vibration, low-exhaust, dependable means of generating electrical power directly from battlefield fuels, reducing the cost and logistic burden of supplying power and energy to the field. Long-lasting durable service life with low maintenance requirements and battlefield serviceability are necessary attributes for a successful system. Additionally, burners capable of operating on multiple fuels permit fuel flexibility for operation during squad missions and other diverse scenarios.

Subir Roychoudhury, PCI's Director of Microlith Products commented, "PCI's MicrolithBurner technology has been proven in various applications including and fuel cell systems. The compact nature and unique form factor of the technology allow for high efficiencies in low power applications. The technology is also scalable up to large applications while maintaining high efficiency and low weight and volume."

States PCI President Kevin Burns, "We're pleased that the Army is supporting this promising product. In addition to the solider portable application currently in progress, there is also the potential for a commercial spin-out into commercial industrial battery charger and man-portable power applications utilizing diesel fuel."

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