Precision Combustion, Inc. PCI receives Excellence in Environmental Technology Award from Connecticut FastTrack Program

NORTH HAVEN, CT -- (February 5, 2007) -- Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) announced today that it has received an award for Excellence in Environmental Technology from Connecticut’s FastTrack program. FastTrack is a Connecticut industry/government program that assists high-potential, technology-oriented Connecticut companies that have strategies for capturing significant market share in large market opportunities. Supported by the Connecticut Economic Development Commission, Edwards, Angell, Palmer & Dodge LLP, and the Connecticut Technology Commission, the program is part of an overall increasing Connecticut push towards developing an in-state infrastructure network to stimulate the development of high value jobs and encourage and support business growth.

PCI's citation stated that the award was "in recognition of [PCI's] exceptional performance, momentum, strength and results."

PCI has developed several technologies that offer to advance environmental objectives in the energy sector while also promoting energy efficiency:

    • PCI's gas turbine catalytic combustors enable leaner yet more stable combustion than Dry Low Emission technology, offering ultra-low NOx of less than 2 ppm NOx while reducing combustion dynamics and avoiding cost and efficiency penalties of post-combustion controls. PCI is working with several gas turbine manufacturers and with the Department of Energy to bring this technology to engine trial.
    • PCI's downhole catalytic combustor steam generator for heavy oil production offers reduced energy and oil production costs together with significantly reduced emissions (including of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide) and increased heavy oil production.
    • PCI's ultra-compact Microlithfuel cell reformer components offer improved reforming efficiency and other advantages for advanced fuel cell systems. The ability to effectively reform vehicular fuels such as diesel and gasoline will help enable vehicular fuel cells, and is a key support technology for the emerging hydrogen economy. PCI is developing specific applications of the technology with multiple fuel cell stack and system integrators, and is selling natural gas reformers commercially.
  • PCI is developing other Microlithultra-compact, high efficiency catalytic reactor technologies, including ultra-compact burners and lightweight and compact air cleaning systems

PCI President Kevin Burns commented,

"We appreciate FastTrack’s helpful support for our development, and look forward to continuing to develop technologies and products that meet energy and environmental needs and support Connecticut’s growing high technology sector.

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