Gas Turbines

Precision Combustion is developing and commercializing technologies for gas turbine applications. These technologies, funded by DOE, U.S. Air Force, NASA and others, provide high value in a compact and durable package.

A primary PCI thrust is developing clean and efficient ultra-low NOx catalytic combustors for central station, industrial, and distributed power generation gas turbine engines. These catalytic combustors offer ultra-low emissions with efficient high firing temperatures and wide turndown stability, operability and reliability at a cost below addition of a SCR system. Our technology can be readily adapted for application in microturbines. Another area of PCI development is catalytic pilot burners for Dry Low NOx gas turbines. These compact burners enable application of catalytic combustion technology within existing turbine operating envelopes.

PCI is also involved in development of related gas turbine applications for syngas and jet fuel combustion. The syngas program, supported by DOE, is exploring catalytic combustion in gas turbines of hydrogen-rich syngas produced by Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) coal to syngas power generation plants. PCI is also developing oxyfuel combustion technology to help enable CO2 sequestration. PCI's unique design offers the potential for a combustor capable of operating in a high temperature/pressure environment with high stability and complete combustion.

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