Internal Combustion Engines

Precision Combustion has created a range of novel products to benefit IC engine applications.  In today’s environmentally focused world, engine manufacturers and system integrators are continuously developing products that are more efficient, perform better, and create fewer emissions.  PCI is helping manufacturers reach their goals with three unique categories of products.

Fuel Reformers

Mixing hydrogen into the fuel stream of a traditionally hydrocarbon fueled IC engine improves fuel economy, increases power output, and reduces emissions.  PCI’s extremely compact fuel reformers enable manufacturers to create hydrogen from onboard fuels for direct injection into engines.  This process enhances performance while avoiding dangerous hydrogen storage given that hydrogen is only produced as needed.  To learn more about our enabling reactor technology visit our Microlith® Technologies page.

Catalytic Glow Plugs

Proven to significantly improve cold start capabilities in compression engines, our catalytic glow plugs are ideally suited for compression engines where weight, size, and operability are primary concerns.  The compact design of our catalytic glow plugs lowers the required temperature for ignition, decreases cranking time before engine start, and reduces electrical power requirements for ignition systems.

Catalytic Converters

Smaller and more efficient, PCI’s catalytic converters achieve significantly greater conversion effectiveness per unit size of material compared to conventional long channel monolith designs and can provide up to a 20-fold reduction in volume and weight.  Our catalytic converters have extremely fast light off times, making them ideal for eliminating cold start emissions and have been demonstrated to exceed the Ultra Low Emission Vehicle standards (ULEV) (SAE Technical Paper # 971023).

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