Products and Systems

PCI is developing advanced catalytic reactors and systems for a variety of markets. We invite you to explore some of the products and services we are developing in the following categories:

Fuel Processors

PCI is developing integrated fuel processor systems to enable fuel cells to operate using a wide range of available fuels ranging from gases (e.g. methane and propane) to conventional liquid fuels (diesel, gasoline and military logistics fuels including JP8, and Jet A) to alternative and unconventional liquid fuels such as biofuels and waste hydrocarbons recovered from industrial processes (e.g. paint solvents).

Internal Combustion Engine Systems

PCI is developing an ultra-compact conversion kit that enables inexpensive lightweight commercial spark-ignited engines to run on multiple fuels (including diesel, biofuels and JP-8) for a wide variety of applications.


PCI has several very small to medium sized low emission catalytic burner products in development for a variety of fuels including methane, propane, butane, methanol, gasoline and JP-8.

Air Cleaners

PCI is developing air cleaning products focused on control of Volatile Organic compounds (VOC's), Sulfur and other air pollutants. These products are for closed environments such as spacecraft or aircraft cabins and for buildings.


PCI is developing catalytic combustors for ultra-low emission power generation gas turbines (full catalytic combustor and catalytic pilot), microturbines, and other applications including IGCC oxyfuel combustors and downhole catalytic combustors / steam generators for the production of oil and gas and for soil disinfestation/remediation applications.

Specialty Products

PCI is in various stages of developing new products other than those in its primary product groups including catalytic glow plugs, chemicals manufacturing, fast lightoff catalytic converters, catalytic liners, flashback arrestors, cetane sensors, and Sabatier reactors for Power to Gas applications. PCI also provides testing, material characterization and toll coating services for select customers.