Catalytic Burner

PCI has several very small to medium sized low NOx catalytic burner products in development. Our gas burner technology was developed under an NSF program with promising results including flameless catalytic combustion of natural gas with CO less than 2 ppm, CH4 less than 2 ppm and NOx less than 0.3 ppm. We have further developed this for use with other gases (such as butane, with which we have demonstrated 20 kWt power density per cubic inch. We developed JP-8 catalytic combustion capability as a DARPA PalmPower subcontractor and have demonstrated stable combustion with very high power density.

Burner final assembly Centered

Applications include low NOx cook-top burners, industrial process burners and portable heaters, and other processes where a compact combustion zone achieving complete combustion with low emissions is desired. In addition, the ultra-compact ultra low NOx catalytic burner can be used as heat sources for energy conversion devices, such as Stirling engines and Thermoelectric, Thermophotovoltaic (TPV) and Thermionic generators.

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