Fuel Cell System Oxidizer

The rapidly advancing fuel cell industry is persistently striving to become safer, less costly, and more efficient each day.  PCI is supporting that mission with our unique burner technology.  We are helping to pioneer fuel cell development by adapting our innovative burners to effectively complement emerging advances in the field.  Specifically, PCI is continuously enhancing the design of three demonstrated technologies:

  • Fuel cell system inerting burners
  • Fuel Reformer start burners
  • Anode gas oxidizers


As the fuel cell industry evolves, technical obstacles continue to present themselves. Dangerous and complex system startups are examples of problems that developers must constantly manage.  PCI’s inerting burner and fuel reformer start burner are two innovations that will help alleviate the innate difficulties of fuel cell system startups.  Our inerting burners ensure that hydrogen left in the system is safely oxidized prior to startup to prevent potentially dangerous system startup failures.  PCI’s fuel reformer start burners use unique catalytic technology to effectively provide appropriate levels of preheat for efficient fuel reforming. This technique can be extremely effective when preparing more traditional fuels such as diesel for fuel cell use.

Anode portions of fuel cells are often unable to employ all available hydrogen which can create potentially dangerous levels of flammable emissions.  PCI’s anode gas oxidizer uses an innovative catalytic technology to not only oxidize these volatile tail-gas emissions, but to recycle waste heat.  This recycled heat can boost overall system efficiency and provide a valuable heat source for other accessory applications. 

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