Full Engine RCL® Low NOx Catalytic Combustor

NOx emissions are a primary contributor to air pollution, and their control is a primary focus of air pollution regulations. PCI is developing a gas turbine engine catalytic combustor that enables low single digit ppm NOx emissions along with high combustion stability, a wide turndown range, and substantial fuel flexibility. PCI's RCL® catalytic combustor technology is a breakthrough, reducing emissions with improved combustion efficiency by preventing the emissions from forming in the first place. This offers a substantial capital and operating cost savings compared to much larger and more complex post-combustion NOx control systems such as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) PCI's full engine catalytic combustors replace existing lean premix gas turbine mixers and injectors in the combustor with integrated RCL® catalytic injectors, converting all combustion in the engine to catalytic combustion.

Performance Benefits for our RCL® Catalytic Combustor

The PCI Rich Catalytic Lean burn (RCL®) Catalytic Combustor offers many desirable features without efficiency penalty across a wide turndown range such as:

  • Demonstrated ultra-low emissions (NOx<3, CO<10 ppm) at 15-17 atm.
  • Reduced combustion acoustics enabling improved component life
  • Compact - Capable of fitting to existing engine envelopes
  • Robust operation at high firing temperatures
  • Long catalyst life
  • No preburner required for operation
  • Fuel flexibility: The PCI RCL® Catalytic Combustor is relatively indifferent to fuel reactivity, and has been operated with a wide range of fuels including methane (of varying Wobbe index levels), low BTU gas, refinery fuel gas, coal-derived syngas, and hydrogen.


Offering performance at Best Available Control Technology levels yet with significant operating and cost benefits, PCI's RCL® Catalytic Combustor is attracting interest from power generation and industrial gas turbine manufacturers as well as from government agencies. PCI is developing this technology with support from the U.S. Department of Energy with involvement from multiple gas turbine engine manufacturers.

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Additional Articles

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