OXY-Autothermal Reformer (OXY-ATR)

"We put the fuel in fuel cells®"

The OXY-Autothermal Reformer operates on Desulfurized Natural Gas and has targeted applications for Hydrogen/Syngas Generation, Chemical Processing and Industrial Processes.


Patented Microlith® catalyst technology enables extremely high power density reactors for fuel reforming.


An economic alternative to steam reforming for small & medium on-site “merchant market”. This system produces a high hydrogen yield that is comparable to steam reforming. Avoided energy cost due to exothermic nature of reaction.


A thermally integrated steam generator internal to the pressurized reformer provides the necessary thermal input to superheat the incoming steam in order to achieve the desired steam to carbon ratios when combined with the incoming ambient temperature gas streams. It can operate on preheated or cold fuel, saturated steam and oxygen.  


The system start-up time is less than 1 hour and transient response is fast with power increases from 50 – 100 % occurring in less than 10 minutes.


With the addition of an inlet slip stream of CO2, the outlet composition can be adjusted to provide H2:CO ratio’s from 2.0 – 2.7.


The system is capable of operating at up to 200 PSI in order to provide high pressure, hydrogen rich syngas on demand.


Reactor and system design is easily scalable in order to provide higher or lower fuel processing throughput as desired.



 OXY ATR Table

PCI’s OXY-Autothermal Reforming system technology utilizes our patented Microlith® catalyst to convert Natural Gas fuel to a Hydrogen rich syngas for use in chemical processing and industrial process applications. Natural Gas, Steam and Oxygen (as well as Nitrogen for startup) is fed to the skid and a reformate gas consisting H2, CO2, CO and trace CH4 is produced in an on demand fashion. The system is capable of providing the syngas at pressures up to 200 PSI and the outlet composition can be adapted to the individual application to provide H2:CO ratio’s from 2.0 – 2.7. The skid is weather resistant and climate controlled so that it can be located in outdoor environments and operate year round in a wide range of temperatures and conditions, with a small control panel and user interface located remotely for ease of operation.