Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Processor

"We put the fuel in fuel cells®"

PCI is developing an integrated fuel processor for liquid fuels for application in PEM and High Temperature PEM fuel cell systems. Building upon its ultra-compact fuel reformer and fuel reforming catalytic reactor technologies, PCI is optimizing its fuel reformer and fuel processor technologies for the size, weight and performance needed to enable liquid-fueled PEM fuel cell systems under multiple Army and Navy programs.

PCI's Microlith®; Compact Logistics Fuel ProcessorTM System for High Temperature PEMs and PEMs consists of an integrated fuel/air/steam injector, autothermal reformer (ATR), heat exchanger, sulfur trap and water gas shift reactor. The system is designed to take in medium sulfur fuel (<400 ppm sulfur) and provide reformate with <1 ppm sulfur for use in a high Temperature PEM or with additional CO cleanup for use in a low temperature PEM fuel cell.

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10 KWe JP-8 Fuel Processor For PEM Applications

BOP components such as pumps and controller are separately packaged. This results in a portable and compact package. A photo of a 10 kWe fuel processor including water gas shift reactor is shown.


Characteristic PCI Fuel Processor Status
System Net Rated Power (kWe) 5
Energy Efficiency (LHV H2 basis) >73% (fuel quality and S/C ratio dependent)
Ultra-Compact >0.4 kWe/l
Rapid Start-up <10 minutes
Fast Transient Response <5 sec
Fuel Flexible Diesel, JP-8 and other low sulfur logistics fuels
Maximum Sulfur in product stream <1 ppm (from 400 ppm S in fuel)
Turn Down Ratio 5:1

Microlith® is a registered trademark of Precision Combustion, Inc.

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