Water Gas Shift and PROX Fuel Processor Catalytic Reactors

"We put the fuel in fuel cells®"

PCI is developing water gas shift and selective CO oxidation (aka PROX) catalytic reactors for integration into fuel processing and fuel cell power generation systems.


50 KWe PROX Reactor

PCI's Water Gas Shift and PROX technologies developed under NSF, Navy and internal programs have demonstrated highly selective conversion of CO in an extremely small package. The Water Gas Shift technology reduces CO concentration in the reformate stream to ~ 0.5% (dependant upon system specifications) with low methanation. PCI's PROX technology further reduces the CO concentration to below 10 ppm, while consuming less than 3% of the hydrogen in the reformate. Technology attributes are highlighted in the table below.


Parameter WGS PROX
Power Density (kW/L) >25 >30
Specific Power (kW/Kg) >28 >35
CO Concentration Output (%)  0.5%  10 ppm
[10-100% power] (Seconds)
10 3
Start-up (Seconds) <30 <30

Assumption: 18 SLPM H2 required for 1 kWe from fuel cell

All fuel processing reactors are customized to optimize performance within the fuel processor/fuel cell system.

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