Advanced Cetane Number Analyzer

Simple, robust design. Accurate and repeatable results.

PCI is developing a highly innovative advanced fuel quality analyzer for quickly and accurately measuring the cetane number (CN) of diesel, jet fuels, and bio-diesels. It performs a direct analysis of the fuel to provide an accurate measurement of the cetane number – as compared to inferring the CN with a cetane index methodology. This device replaces alternative measurement technologies that are expensive, time consuming and that require skilled operators.

  • Robust calibration consistent with ASTM Standards D-613 and D-6890 process test results
  • Accurate on fuels containing cetane additives/enhancers
  • Measurement based on fuel combustion properties and proprietary algorithms

PCI’s Advanced Cetane Number Analyzer provides important advantages over conventional systems:

  • Accuracy within ASTM standards
  • Lightweight, easily portable system                                                                                              
  • Microliters sample size required for analysis
  • Fast response time – less than one minute
  • Low power requirement
  • User-friendly, simple operation
  • Low-cost design

Cetane Closed

Cetane Open

PCI’s device has wide application in the manufacture of fuels to improve process and cost efficiencies, as well as with end-users to improve operations and maintain fuel integrity.

Fuel production applications: Pre-process (input material validation), In-process (quality monitoring) and Post-process (product verification)

End-user applications: in-field fuel quality verification, stored fuel integrity, laboratory fuel analysis, quality check on spot-purchased fuel, etc.

Future development of the product will extend its capabilities to the measurement of octane in gasoline.

Contact PCI to learn more about how our Cetane Number Analyzer can be applied to your situation and business requirements.