Flashback Arrestors

PCI is developing a low pressure drop flashback arrestor/pre-ignition shield as well as swirling flashback arrestors. The flashback arrestor/pre-ignition shield flame arrestor technology was developed under DOE and NASA contracts primarily for application to lean, premixed gas turbine engines.

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Flashback Arrestor

Our patented technology has been demonstrated to result in a six fold reduction in pressure drop (at 100 ft/s) and an eight fold reduction in cost over traditional flashback arrestor designs. These rugged flashback arrestors have demonstrated the ability to arrest flashback and inhibit downstream flame holding at high pressure and temperature for hydrogen as well as liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon fuels. Low pressure loss swirling flashback arrestors were developed for rapid mixing or flame stabilization. Our technology also has the potential to be adapted to flare towers, chemical reaction quenching, and waste burnoff systems.

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