PCI Technologies

PCI has developed a range of technologies relating to its catalytic reactors and catalytic reactor systems. These include catalyst formulations, coatings and coating processes, unique substrate geometries, materials specifications, catalytic reactor designs, and catalytic reactor systems. The specific technologies vary by product and applications. We have developed and patented several technologies that we use for multiple applications which offer breakthrough performance and advantages for targeted applications as compared to other technologies.

Microlith® catalytic reactor technology: Used in fuel reformers, fuel processors, air cleaners, compact burners and oxidation reactors, catalytic converters and select chemical manufacturing processes. Microlith® technology offers an array of advantages relating to its short contact time and high heat and mass transfer features which provides size and weight benefits among others.

Microlith Diagram

RCL® catalytic combustor technology: Used in catalytic combustors for gas turbines, for oil and gas production, for soil disinfestation and soil remediation and for other large scale heating applications for improved emissions and combustion stability as well as substantial fuel-flexibility. RCL® technology enables a robust long life catalytic combustor that can achieve near zero NOx emissions while minimizing combustion dynamics. This enables combustion turbines to directly achieve low single digit ppm NOx emissions, thereby avoiding the substantial capital, operating cost and penalties of post-combustion controls. In addition, the improvement in combustion stability may lead to further reduced hot section O&M costs.

RCLdiagram largePCI is the exclusive assignee of some 75 issued U.S. patents on its technologies, a portion of which have also been issued in other countries, in addition to licenses of patents held by others. The company also has a number of patents currently applied for in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as well as others in non-U.S patent offices. PCI also holds some technology as trade secret.


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