Fuel Cell Systems

Precision Combustion is developing a range of products for use in fuel cell systems:

Our Microlith® fuel processor allows fuel cells to use available conventional fuels such as diesel, gasoline, biofuels and both high and low reactivity gases rather than hydrogen. They allow fuel cells to operate independent of any hydrogen infrastructure.

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PCI accomplishes this with use of ultra-compact, contaminant-tolerant Microlith® reactor technology. PCI's fuel processor is ultra-compact, lightweight, high efficiency and provides rapid startup and transient operation. The ultra-compact, lightweight nature of our fuel processor also enables the overall fuel cell system to become more compact for easier use in space-constrained environments. High conversion selectivity and low operating temperatures enable efficient operation with long component life. The low thermal mass and rapid transient response of our fuel processors also offer more rapid system startup and load change. Modular design facilitates easier field servicing.

PCI is now developing Microlith® fuel processors and processor components for a range of fuel cell stacks, including PEM, high temperature PEM, solid oxide fuel cell(SOFC) and molten carbonate fuel cell.

In addition to primary fuel reformers (CPOX, autothermal reformers and steam reformers), PCI has also developed water gas shift reactors and selective CO oxidation reactors. These reformers are relatively fuel-flexible, having reformed to date a wide variety of fuels including natural gas, propane, diesel, gasoline, methanol, E85, other biofuels, JP8, JP5, JetA, and F76. We have even reformed liquid fuels of widely varying composition such as paint solvents recovered from a painting process. This process is also applicable to other gaseous or liquid organic waste products.

We look to provide all stack manufacturers with effective fuel reforming and fuel processing components.

PCI's Anode Gas Exhaust and Start burners are available for fuel cell systems. These components are ultra-compact and lightweight.

Some of PCI's fuel cell products include:

  • SynGen™ 1000d Reformer
  • Microlith® Adsorber Systems
  • Autothermal Reformer, ATR
  • Catalytic Burners
  • Catalytic Partial Oxidation, CPOX
  • Catalytic Steam Reformer, CSR
  • Fuel Processing and Fuel Reforming Systems
  • Oxy-Autothermal Reformer, Oxy-ATR
  • Reformate Analysis System
  • Sabatier Methanatino Reactor
  • Fuel Reformer Test Cart

Contact PCI to learn more about how our solutions may be adapted for your needs.