Oil and Gas Production

Precision Combustion is developing a range of products to benefit oil and gas production industries.The majority of the world’s valuable fossil fuels still remain unobtainable due to the difficulty and expense of current production methods.  A large fraction of the remaining accessible oil is in the form of heavy oil, for which the primary production method requires large amounts of heat delivered in the form of steam to make the oil less viscous and suitable for pumping. This heat is currently provided by expensive surface steam production facilities that can consume as much as 20-25% of the heating value of the produced heavy oil. 

To more effectively provide this heat for heavy oil production, PCI is developing a downhole steam generator that produces heat downhole to reduce energy costs while improving the quality and productivity of the delivered heat. Similarly, vast amounts of methane and other components of natural gas can be found underground in solid crystalline form known as hydrates.  The most productive approach to producing gas from hydrates is thermal stimulation using large amounts of heat.  PCI has applied its technology used for downhole steam generation toward enabling a methane hydrate production downhole steam generator.

Our compact, high heat release catalytic combustion technology allows us to accomplish effective combustion in some of the most extreme environments.  PCI's highly efficient catalytic reactor technology is compact, and able to efficiently and effectively produce high levels of heat and/or steam even at the tremendously high pressures found downhole during oil or gas production.

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