Downhole Steam Generator

Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) has developed a catalytic combustor technology breakthrough that offers to fulfill the promise for a downhole steam generator for oil and gas production, a tool that has been long-sought by the oil and gas production industry. We are currently working to develop this technology into a practical tool for oil and gas production. We are interested in discussing related partnering opportunities with oil services or oil production companies. Contact PCI if this opportunity appears of interest.

Advantages of the Downhole Steam Generator

PCI's catalytic combustor technology breakthrough, already developed and demonstrated for use in burning natural gas for gas turbine engines, offers to resolve key challenges that have faced prior downhole steam generator concepts. A system built around this catalytic combustor, to also include supporting surface facilities and integrated tubular umbilicals, offers the potential for key advantages compared to thermal stimulation using surface steam injection into the wellbore. These advantages include:

  • Higher production/higher recovery from the reservoir
  • Major cost, energy, and water savings compared to surface steam
  • Major air emissions savings (including of CO2), which are directed downhole
  • Unique capability for production for permafrost, deepwell or underwater reservoirs

The opportunity is to adapt this technology from the demonstrated gas turbine application to downhole. The technology is synergistic with other EOR tools, and has future application for methane hydrates and oil shale.

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Capabilities of the Downhole Steam Generator

The PCI technology is directed to burn gaseous fuels in a catalytic burner/steam generator downhole in the wellbore at the reservoir location. PCI's catalytic combustor technology offers to resolve key challenges faced by prior downhole steam generator projects by offering new capability, including:

  • High heat rate operation at pressure from a compact cross-section
  • Improved flame speed and stability
  • Improved control
  • No excess oxygen, sooting or coking
  • Robust operability
  • Fuel-flexible operation (natural gas through associated gas and syngas)
  • Long life

PCI is now working to develop a practical and robust high heat rate downhole burner/steam generator that can be the downhole component of a system that offers broad capability for downhole heating and fossil fuel production.

Contact PCI to learn more about how our solutions may be adapted for your needs.